Dr. Kumar's Lifestyle Center

About Us

Dr Kumar’s Lifestyle center is engaged in various health and allied health services. We believe in prevention, awareness, right education and technical solutions in terms of maintaining personal or organizational health. We are in process to engage in all areas of lifestyle which impact our health directly or indirectly.
We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of health and allied health services. We are known as a quality and authenticated service provider.
Sanitization, disinfection at a personal or environmental level is one of the basic needs for maintaining a healthy ecosystem.
Sanitization has always been a basic requirement for residential and commercial establishments, however, we have understood its efficacy more in recent time. It is essential to maintain good health and increase lifespan.
We follow a holistic approach to decontamination, and this includes three phases, audit, training and treatment.
We start with the audit of an establishment to understand its disinfection requirement, and then move forward to finding out the aptest solution for it. We then plan the phase-wise disinfection process so that everything is executed without disrupting the activities going on. Post-implementation of our plan, we train the establishment staff on different hygiene parameters to ensure what we have done stays long.
We provide all types of services to make indoor and outdoor environment germs free. With over 15 years of experience in the field, we have become one of the best providers of sanitization, infection control, fumigation and personal hygiene services using the targeted eco-friendly chemicals that are harsh on bacterias, viruses, pathogens and pests but safe on human and other things in an establishment.
We are unswerving when it comes to making the living, working and other spaces cleaner, healthier and happier. And to ensure that, we have amalgamated technology with the decontamination process to make the hygiene course of action penetrated, quick yet safe.
We hold expertise in disinfection, sanitization, pest control in schools, hospitals, hotels, housing complexes, factories, industrial complexes, educational institutions, nursing homes, factories, societies, restaurants, bakeries, RWA’s, clinics, warehouses, corporate offices.
Our staff is well-trained in their work. We train them in everything starting from how disinfectants work, its correct application to its careful handling, optimum usage for getting desired results. Our knowledge and experience in the field make us one of the best sanitization service providers in Delhi, NCR and other parts of the country.
We use the finest disinfectants that have been approved by the government along with following standards set by international authorities while using it, leaving no space for mishandling. So, when you are trusting us, you are taking a faultless service.

Our Mission

Providing bespoke hygienic and sanitization facility to every type of space and become one of the best sanitization service providers in Dehli, NCR and across India.

Our Vision

We believe living and working in a clean environment should be pivotal for every individual in the country. And with our creative approach, we are endeavouring to bring advanced solutions for the new world.

Avail Our Service

To avail our world-class sanitization service, all you have to do is pick your phone and give us a call or fill an enquiry form. Our team will visit your place for audit, then will give you solutions of problems.

Book an appointment , our expert will call you for your queries or meeting.