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Nursing homes, medical centres and hospitals are most prone to the contamination that can quickly go out of hand. In order to prevent such epidemical situation, frequent decontamination of establishment is essential. The following are the primary factors you must keep in mind and decide on for seeking decontamination services:
  • The nursing home, hospitals, clinic houses numerous patients who come here with different types of illnesses, making the premises full of infection-causing bacterias and viruses.
  • Presence of rodents like rats in the premises can make the situation worse because they are known for the damages they cause. The healthcare centres keep many life support machines. Damage in the same means a situation of emergency.
  • Big size hospitals provide food facility to patient and attendants. Infection in this facility means, a huge setback to the whole system.
  • If the hospital staff, doctors, nurses fail to maintain a good level of personal hygiene, then chances of infection spreading at the place become high.
  • Special kind of cleaning is required in restrooms of health care facilities as these are used by patients suffering from different diseases and common public.
Knowing all these risk areas, healthcare service providers need to keep their establishment clean and sanitized. One of the ways to do that is taking the help of best sanitization and pest control service providers.


We are one of the best sanitization service providers in Delhi, NCR and other parts of the country. And we are saying this with all proof, we have 15 years of work experience and expertise in dealing with different types of infections.
When it comes to sanitizing health care centres, we follow the most advanced techniques, so that, the entire facility gets auto sanitized without disrupting the regular work in the vicinity. Nevertheless, we don’t follow a generic approach for treating different health care units. We are perfect in evaluating the place and then suggesting the plan.
So, we always come up with unit-specific plans. E.g. when we are called for treating nursing homes, we first identify different risk areas and based on that we suggest the action plan. Certainly, the potential risk of a nursing home would be way different from a hospital, so we cannot replicate the hospital infection control program in a nursing home or vice versa. We have to be specific in our approach and we do that. Unlike the other service providers who use generic sanitization program for all types of establishments.

Our Services For Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Clinics


This is a method of pest and microorganism control. In this method, an area is filled with fumigant to suffocate the pest within. It is very effective in sanitization as well because the gas in the chemical state reaches the hard-to-reach areas and kill microorganisms.


Sanitization is the process of making an area completely free from bacterias, viruses or any other type of microorganisms. This is a great service for the healthcare units as we sanitize every nook and crannies of an establishment with this process.

Infection Control

Infection control methods address the spread of infection in healthcare units. Infection control means controlling the spread of infection from staff to patient, patient to staff, staff to staff or patient to patient.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is again a method to control the spread of infection and it has a huge significance in healthcare facilities. We cover a lot of things in personal hygiene.
In addition to these, we provide many more services in our infection control, sanitization program for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and similar units.

How We Are Different

By now you would have understood our expertise and knowledge about infection control. But, we tell you we are not regular pest control or infection control service providers. Instead, we are the most advanced and technology-driven. We go step-by-step to treat the root cause of the issue in place of being generic.
To give the befitting treatment facility, we start with a thorough analysis of premises that start with our risk assessment program and end with complete control of infection with our risk management program.
All these features make us one of the best sanitization service providers in Delhi, NCR and other parts of the country. And, if you want to avail our service to sanitize your facility, call us. Sanitization is not a one-time deal, it should be continuous and done by experts.

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