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Community location like factories, industries, warehouses are always visited by countless number of people that make it a hot site for the spread of infection. Even the well-maintained, chic corporate offices are highly prone to infectious diseases because here hundreds of people work in a close vicinity. If all the rules of infection control are not followed here, these areas are likely to get infected.
Some of the factors that make factories, industries, warehouse and corporate offices, prone to infection in
  • Most of the time these facilities are run in an enclosed area with centralized air condition. Because of the poor cross ventilation, the chances remain high that infection once entered into the premises doesn’t go out and quickly spread in other parts of the vicinity.
  • Lots of people with different medical conditions work at the same place and many times use common equipments, office machineries, tools, table and chair. One infected person at these places could infect numerous people.
  • The temperature in factories, warehouse, industrial complexes and corporate offices is ideal for the growth and multiplication of microorganisms.
  • Poor personal hygiene is common to see in a few people working at such establishments. The risk of disperse of infection through one person to others is obvious.
Additionally, there is some industry specific threat also present. E.g. the infection spread threat of a warehouse would be different from a manufacturing unit.

How We Help You

For keeping things under control, we take up the responsibility to make your workplace safe and hygienic. And our process of infection control is more stringent than anyone else.
Instead of offering you generic infection control solutions. We provide calibrate ways, our range of services includes sanitation, personal hygiene, fumigation, personal hygiene, infection control and pest control. Our step by step infection control method work on the root cause and remove it permanently.
Our first step of treatment is risk assessment, which is followed by risk management, infection control and training the staff about sensitivity of threat and dealing with it.
Instead of proving one time treatment for infection control, we present solutions that last long and has a concrete and long term effect.
E.g. when we are called for sanitization, fumigation, infection control or pest control service in an industry, our audit team, at first visit the site to evaluate the present condition, then, it digs out all possible reasons that lead to invading of infection in the premises. This is the reason we are one of sanitization service providers in Delhi/NCR and other parts of the country.
Post that, we prepare a plan to seal all entry points of infection. Our range of actions goes from training the staff how to maintain good hygiene practice to installation of auto fumigating machines for regular dis-infection. We also present customized solution to cater industry specific needs.
E.g. It is imperative to understand that the infection control method that work at a warehouse would not have the same intensity of effect in corporate offices. The reason is obvious, warehouse is the place where goods are stored, while corporate office is a place where people work. So, according to the different needs, we tailor our solution to provide the most optimum solution.
However, we don’t spur solution to a client without a reason, we follow a scientific approach in each of the treatment methods we provide either it is related to the selection of disinfectant we use or the way we opt to treat the site.
Our study based infection control method has made us one of best sanitization services providers in the city for factories, warehouses, industrial complexes, corporate offices or any other place.
If you need sanitization service for your site and looking for a professional who know all technicalities of infection control treatment like sanitization, fumigation, personal hygiene, then call us anytime.

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