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80,000.00 60,000.00

Contains Hydrogen Peroxide 6% Colloidal Silver30 PPM(parts per million) Available in 1 liter & 20 liters pack

210,000.00 200,000.00

Nocospray is proprietary & patent products of Oxy pharm, France. Sprays dry fog so no moisture, no rusting, no corrosion…

4,000.00 3,000.00

Oxydor is a deodorant product, effective on odor from organic or bacterial sources (urine, tobacco, bins, animals, industry…)

4,000.00 3,000.00

Moxy contains PYRITHRIN, PERMETHRIN & is used to eradicate the mosquitoes & their eggs due to the speed of 300 km per hour…


Fumigation is one of the most effective methods for pest control. In this process, fumigants, which is a chemical in gas form spread in sufficient concentration to kill germs. Because of being lethal to pests and microorganisms, the fumes kill them and make the place clean.
It is an effective method to kill pests and insects in a large area like industries, factories, residential plots, hospitals, hotel, agriculture, etc. The fumigation service is of two types, structural fumigation and soil fumigation. The structural fumigation method is for removing pests in different structures and soil fumigation is for agriculture to kill crop-damaging insects. Fumigation technique is commonly used in the cargo industry as well.
It is also an effective method to eliminate microorganisms because lethal gas can enter hard-to-reach places and kill bacterias and viruses. If you are feeling the presence of these menaces in your establishment, then call for fumigation service.
We are one of the best fumigation service providers in Delhi, NCR. We use the most advanced techniques to kill infectious microorganism. We not only kill them but also sanitize the whole environment to avert the spread of infection.
While fumigating an area, our team of experts at first assess the place, then suggest the most effective formula for the same. This way, we provide an effective solution to infection. We have the following types of fumigation that we suggest after auditing the place.
  • Gas fumigation
  • Solid fumigation
  • Liquid fumigation
  • Toxicity fumigation

What Make Us One Of The Best Fumigation Service Provider?

Unlike the fogging technique which many perceive fumigation is, it is more specific, and used to kill microorganisms that are invisible by the naked eyes. We use fumigants that kill microorganism but are safe for human. Some of the factors that make us the best choice are:

We Have A Team Of Experts

Sanitization, disinfections, fumigations, pest control is our area of expertise, and we are doing this from past many years. With our knowledge and experience of handling different projects, we have become efficient in disinfecting any space without any glitch. And now, we are one of the most sought after fumigation service providers in Delhi, NCR.

We Use Standard Products

When it comes to selecting fumigants for fumigation, we follow international guidelines. We do not use non-advisable products or DIY fumigants.

Wide Range of Services

We are proficient in all types of fumigation techniques, and we provide an array of fumigation service. This includes cargo fumigation, storage fumigation, structural fumigation, food processing fumigation and organic fumigation.

Quick Service

Providing quick and quality service is our USP. We work with a large man force. So, we are capable of providing quick service without compromising with quality.

We Use Non-Corrosive Fumigants

While fuming the industries and places that have large machinery, we take the utmost precautions. We use fumigants that are non-damaging to any type of surface.

We Use Safe Fumigants

We use eco-friendly, biodegradable fumigants that does not cause any damage to surfaces as well the environment and human.
When you are taking fumigation service from us, you are in the safest hand. For our finest quality service, we are the number one fumigation service providers in Delhi, NCR, and just a call away from you.

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