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School, educational institutions, colleges are places where students from different spheres come to take education. Because of being the public place, it becomes imperative to keep the place clean and sanitized. Universities and colleges where students come for study or kindergarten school where small children studies have the same level of infection vulnerability.
At the present time, when microorganisms have become a serious health hazard, no institutions should take infection control lightly. Because, by following good personal hygiene, sanitization, infection control, these establishments can keep infectious microorganisms like bacterias, viruses, fungus, spores etc. at the bay. With this gentle thought, we have introduced the sanitization, infection control, fumigation, risk assessment, personal hygiene, pest control service to preserve the hygienic ecosystem of educational institutions of different sizes.
Our reliable and highly professional teams follow three basic phases for cleaning


It is very important to identify the need of clients because only then we can present the aptest solution. The role of audit in infection control is the same. Here, our team visits the site and meticulously examines all potential risks. After catching the risks, we design an infection control and sanitization plan and suggest it to the management team to take further action.


We have a diverse treatment plan to deal with different types of issues that educational institutions face. E.g. For controlling mosquitoes and flies (a common issue at such places), we use fumigation technique. For cleaning doors, handles, floor, furniture, we have sanitization service. For other infection control, we provide a complete solution.


At the last, it is important to educate people, because, without that, the possibility in breach of sanitization seal is highly possible. So, in our training program, we educate school staff, students and others about basic hygiene tips that they should follow to keep the vicinity clean and healthy.
The risk factors in school, colleges, universities and educational institutions are
  • Every day hundreds and thousands of children, as well as teachers and supporting staff, spend nearly a quarter of their day in the school premises. One infected person can infect many.
  • The libraries of educational institutions have many important documents. Rodents present on the premises might harm them.
  • Educational institutions have laboratories as well, which requires to be sanitized regularly to avert growth and spread of infections. Rodents might also damage laboratory asset.
  • The possibility of contamination in water sources in educational institutions cannot be denied.
  • Kindergarten schools have children of below five years, there is a risk of contamination because of them and also the risk of spread of infection in them because of any mishandling.

We Provide The Solution

  • Prevent the spreading of harmful diseases by eradicating the diseases causing microbes, pests and rodents.
  • Sanitizing the area and thereby effectively eliminating the chances of the potent viruses from being brought into by accident.
  • Periodically fumigating the premises with disinfectants that lower down the risk of infection. These are some effective measures to control infection but these measures can’t ascertain complete sealing of pests, rodents, microorganisms in any form.
Therefore, there is a requirement of good sanitization in these establishments. And for this, who would be a better service provider than us. We are one of the leading sanitization service providers in Delhi, NCR because of many reasons. We have both pre-designed and customized solution for different infection control requirements. We cover full sanitization services along with various pest control solutions such as termite control services, rodent control services, fly control services, indoor pest control services, smoke fumigation services, lizard control services, outdoor pest control services and garden control services.

How We Are Different

We are different from others in many ways. Unlike the regular pest control and infection control service providers, we don’t use agriculture-based pesticides or other less effective chemicals in our treatment process. Instead, we keep our focus to use microorganism specific disinfectants. Therefore, our disinfectant for bacterias, viruses, moulds, fungi, pests, flies and rodents are different.
It is crucial to know that infection control is not a one-time deal. It should be done on a regular basis to seal the entry of any infection in the premises. We have entomologists in our team who guide us about the right use of disinfectants. Moreover, to cater to any establishment specific infection control requirements, we tailor our plan. E.g. to treat kindergarten schools, we use chemicals that are not harmful to small children, we train our staff to take care of every minute detail.
So, if you want to get your school, university, college, sanitized before the opening of the new session, call us. We are happy to help you.

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