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80,000.00 60,000.00

Contains Hydrogen Peroxide 6% Colloidal Silver30 PPM(parts per million) Available in 1 liter & 20 liters pack

210,000.00 200,000.00

Nocospray is proprietary & patent products of Oxy pharm, France. Sprays dry fog so no moisture, no rusting, no corrosion…

4,000.00 3,000.00

Oxydor is a deodorant product, effective on odor from organic or bacterial sources (urine, tobacco, bins, animals, industry…)

4,000.00 3,000.00

Moxy contains PYRITHRIN, PERMETHRIN & is used to eradicate the mosquitoes & their eggs due to the speed of 300 km per hour…


When we say, we are the sanitization expert, we mean, we provide everything related to sanitization service of an establishment. Training is also a significant part of this process because it covers sanitization’s scientific aspects in addition to providing hands-on activities. People involve in the sanitization process receive training from vendors related to personal safety, how to handle chemicals, application techniques but sanitization training is way bigger than that.

Why Sanitization Training Is Important?

Education and training of employee is the key to success. When it comes to sanitization, this rule applies here as well. A person not trained in various aspects of sanitization is more hazardous to the process than the contamination itself. Following the incorrect cleaning methods or using wrong products can either reduce or eliminate the effectiveness of the cleaning agent, risking the life of everything around.
Sanitization training educates and train employees ineffective handling of cleaning agents to attain the desired results. A trained employee understands the importance of his job and the significance of thorough cleaning. Training also ensures good safety of employees engages in the work.
Most employees working in the industry do not hold practical training on sanitization, which makes them vulnerable to injuries and also involves the risk of causing contamination.
A wide range of tool is present for educating and training employees on various aspects of sanitization. Employees receive training based on which type of industry and the sanitization plan they are working.

We Provide Customized Sanitization Training

We provide training for every facet of the sanitization process. For that, we follow a holistic approach that includes pest control, fumigation, sterilization, infection control, personal hygiene. We also provide an industry-specific sanitization program which increases the sanitization plan effectiveness manifolds.
Addition to that, our training program also helps in developing leadership quality in people engage in work that helps organizations in the long run. Our sanitization training program is available for different setups, such as schools, hospitals, hotels, housing complexes, factories, industrial complexes, educational institutions, nursing homes, factories, societies, restaurants, bakeries, RWA’s, clinics, warehouses, corporate offices and other establishments.
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