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Hygiene operation of any establishment is crucial in the present scenario. It facilitates good health and better productivity on all fronts. Besides that, good hygiene also compliance the need to meet regulatory hygiene standards set by different regulatory bodies, implementation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Plan (HACCP), good vendor and customer relationship and timely contamination source tracing. The sources of contamination in an establishment are numerous, ranging from equipment, human, facilities to pests, air, water, etc. A well-panned sanitization program helps in building and maintaining a good environment all over. So, if you are wondering whether you should opt for sanitization audit of your establishment or not, ask this essential question to yourself

Are you following all standard sanitization process in your system, taking into account the need of your system and end-users?

Being the owner or accountable person of an establishment, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that your workplace has the highest degree of sanitization for people there. The best way to guarantee it is by conducting the sanitization audit, the most successful way to assess and observe the sanitization program’s effectiveness. The sanitization audit is a tailormade, systematic, and independent assessment of an establishment to check if the sanitization actions are being executed according to the plan and whether the designed actions are appropriate to fulfil HACCP program prerequisite. The effectiveness of HACCP prerequisite programs and sanitization standard operating procedures (SSOPs) is determined by “audits.”
With our sanitization audit service, we provide an overview of your organization’s sanitization status and prepare a blueprint of action to be taken. Our sanitization audit process includes a review of hygiene plan and SSOPs. Our auditor first checks the type of establishment he/she is going to audit, then familiarize himself by reviewing the related documents and understanding the system’s hygiene design. During his visit to the site, he finds out the problem areas to explain the potential problem that might emerge in the future and discuss things with the management team before suggesting solutions.
We provide sanitization audit service for all types of establishments. This includes schools, hospitals, hotels, housing complexes, factories, industrial complexes, educational institutions, nursing homes, factories, societies, restaurants, bakeries, RWA’s, clinics, warehouses, corporate offices.

Why Choose Us?

We follow a focused approach to provide sanitization solution to organizations. Therefore, we have hired proficient auditors from different industries. During the audit process, we send field expert auditors to an establishment to get the desired outcome. E.g. we send only the education institutions auditors to audit the school, college and other institutions. This is because the sanitization requirement of a school is unique and only the expert in the field understand it well. Similarly, we have distinct auditors for other establishments as well, who while auditing finds every loophole to evade any penetration point for contamination.
Our job does not end at audit, instead, we provide a complete and holistic solution to sanitization. After the sanitization audit, we provide training and treatment, which is again crucial for effective implementation of the sanitization program as well as its success. Because of our dedicated and targeted approach to sanitization, we are one of the best sanitization service providers in Delhi, NCR. If you want to know more about our audit process or to get your organization’s audit done, call us……….

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