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Dr. Kumar's Lifestyle Center


Good sanitization work is a combination of two or more services. However, in the present scenario, every establishment should take regular sanitization, disinfection and fumigation service along with training on personal hygiene.

By maintaining a good hygiene standard at home and office, you can restrict the entry and spread of harmful and infection-causing microorganisms. And in the present time, it is very much important. So, if you are an owner of a commercial establishment, take sanitization, disinfection, pest control, fumigation service as often as possible.

If you are taking service from a good professional then there is no need for post-cleaning as they use safe disinfectants. Pre cleaning with routine cleaners is advisable as it is good if chemical touch the actual surfafe rather than dirt and dust cover, as We are also one of the best sanitization service providers in Delhi/NCR and use safe disinfectants, so, there is no requirement of post-cleaning. Additionally, we also inform our clients about all the necessary steps that they should take while treating any place.

There is numerous senitization, infection control and pest control service provider present in Delhi NCR and other part of India. While choosing a good service provider you have to be very thoughtful. Here are a few details that mirror's the company's credibility. Do they have team of experts? What type of pesticides they are using Are they using government-approved chemicals? Are they providing any guarantee towards the effectiveness of the treatment? Their years of experience in the field Different techniques they are using To make your search easy, we suggest you our service. We enjoy a good reputation in the market because of our incredible audit, training service, disinfection service, sanitization service, personal hygiene and fumigation services.

The charges for these services vary according to the area that required to be treated and the type of treatment recommended. We provide affordable sanitization/ infection/ fumigation/ pest control service in Delhi NCR. Our price is competitive, however, we do not compromise with quality.

The treatment time depends on the area covered and the treatment type. However, we provide the quickest service in Delhi/NCR without compromising with quality.

The chances of pests attack in commercial buildings are very high because of irregular cleaning, moisture presence, the absence of sunlight. Regular sanitization makes the building clean and free from microbes and pests. We provide sanitization, fumigation and pest control services in the commercial building.

Looking at the present situation, sanitization is a must in every commercial space, therefore, it is important in kindergarten schools as well. During sanitization, chemicals are used that could be harsh for small kids. Therefore, we sanitize the school after it is closed so that no child comes in contact with disinfectants. For personal hygiene we use eco friendly and humen safe chemicals.

Every establishment requires sanitization, including the food processing unit, restaurants, hotels. The sanitization process of the food processing unit is the same but we use a safe, secure and food grade chemicals to execute that. Our expert provides the complete guide on the same.

Pests are a big problem at different establishments. If not treated on time, they can spread infection in the whole premises in no time. They can also be lethal. If you are feeling the presence of pests in your surroundings, get the pest control service as early as possible. To get the best service, we advise you not to be in a hurry while selecting a pest control company. Do check their expertise in the field. Also, check whether they are using good quality disinfectant/ chemical in the process. There are three types of pest control methods companies provide Chemical pest control, biological pest control and organic pest control. In chemical pest control, insecticides and pesticides are used to kill pests and microorganism. In biological treatment, microbial insecticides are used and inorganic process herbal products are used.

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