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Infection Control

Infection control as its name suggest, it is the method to control infection. Earlier infection control was associated with healthcare facility only in hospitals but now it have become essential in every field because if any epidemic or pandemic is there then its control is important as uncontrolled infection can cause a huge hazard to the entire ecosystem of an establishment e.g. schools, educational institutes, industrial complexes, corporate offices, hotels etc. if all these facilities are not aware about infection control or routine hygiene practices are not taking care off then these facilities might play a role as a center for infection or can play a role in spreading infection. Therefore, it is pivotal for every health care professional to be aware of and practice infection control measures in day to day life. The health care professional should be aware of what is it, how to avert it, what to do when treating an infectious disease.

Drawbacks of Poor Hygiene

Though everyone understand that poor hygiene invites lots of health problems, and with poor health no institution or business establishment can grow and sustain. In schools and other educational institutes risk of poor hygiene is serious issue that put children at risk of getting ill and compromise over their education.
Business establishment with irregular workforce can’t meet their targets.

What Is the Control And Prevention Method of Infection?

The World Health Organization (WHO) says, infection prevention and control is a scientific method that has been designed to prevent damage caused by infection entered in an ecosystem via any medium. The infection control measures guidelines set by WHO is effective in epidemiology, health system, infectious diseases and social sciences.
The infection control methods reduce the risk of healthcare-acquired infection HAIs, the most common problem that health care institutions face on a regular basis. The infection control program helps in controlling infection in patient as well as the healthcare staff.
The common infection control measures used in healthcare facilities are
  • Use of PPE - It provide protection against health or safety risks at work place which include safety helmets, eye protection, gloves, high visibility clothing, respiratory protective equipment, safety footware safety harnesses if applicable.
  • Handwashing - It is the first and most effective ways of controlling the spread of germs in hospital. Therefore, healthcare professionals are encouraged to thoroughly clean their hands before and after attending the patient.
  • Wearing Gloves - It is essential for healthcare professionals to wear gloves made of rubber or latex while touching the body fluid of patient, mucous membrane. It prevents transmission of infection through skin.
  • Masks - Healthcare professional wear different types of masks to protect their body from sudden splash of body fluid like blood or other body fluids. Proper disposal of these protection items is also the part of infection control guidelines.
  • Donning and doffing of PPE is very much important. As per CDC first remove gloves then goggles or face shield followed by removal of gown and finally by removal of masks.
  • Sterilization - It is most to sterilize different medical equipments healthcare professionals use during the treatment process. It is should be sterilized before and after the use. There are many techniques present for sterilization of medical tools and equipment.

We Are One Of the Best Infection Control Service Providers

We are one of the most trusted name for taking the infection control service. We follow WHO guidelines and protocols to create a safe environment in healthcare institutions. We follow safe sterilization and disinfection methods that prevents any escape for infection.
In addition to following guidelines of different healthcare regulatory bodies, we design protocols to effectively handle the infection at different institutions based on their requirements. We provide all necessary equipments, cleaning agents, sterilization methods to healthcare institution that help them in fighting against infection.
We have a credible name in the industry and have been serving different sizes of healthcare institutions. If you are curious to know more about our infection control mechanism, then without any delay give us a call. We would be happy to serve you.

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