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Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is important because of numerous reasons. It averts growth and spread of infection. Good personal hygiene not only gives you plenty of health benefits but also influence people around you in many positive ways.

What comes in personal hygiene and what should be a good routine?

We all know personal hygiene is important, so we practice it in our day to day life, however, many of us have limited knowledge on this and we maintain it with the same. Personal hygiene is not all about taking a bath on time, cleaning hand, brushing teeth, etc. Instead, it is an effective way to keep pesky germs at the bay. When comes to organizations, following personal hygiene should be a necessity. The basic steps of personal hygiene are


Our hands are the biggest carrier of germs because we touch different surfaces all through the day. When we use the same dirty hand to eat food, to pamper kids, to cook food, work on the laptop, touch phones, etc. these germs get into our body and start causing havoc like situation.
The easiest and quickest way to clean hands is following good personal hygiene habit. Washing hands with soap keep illnesses like flu, cough, gastroenteritis, influenza, far away. Everyone should wash hands regularly. This is one of the most important parts of personal hygiene.

Dental Care

Good dental care involves brushing teeth twice in a day, using floss, monitoring oral health regularly. The mouth can also become a carrier of bacterias and germs, if not cleaned regularly. Infection in the mouth could lead to painful gums, tooth decay, bad breath. Good dental care protects you from social embarrassment caused because of bad breath. It is also a part of personal hygiene that should be taken seriously in commercial setups.


Bathing daily is important for maintaining good personal hygiene. It cleans the body and makes it germ-free. Cleaning body with soap and water keeps away the body odour and growth of bacterias that if not cleaned finds their way inside the body causing many infections.

Wear Hygienic Cloth

Cloth is also like our body. To keep menaces away, it is important to clean clothes just like the body. This is because clothes come directly in contact with microorganisms. This invisible germs cling to the cloth and gets an easy entry in our homes. Regular cleaning of clothes or changing clothes right after coming from outside keep infections at the bay and protect us and our family. Talking about the commercial set up, then it is imperative to wear hygienic clothes at work. It not only restricts the spread of infection but also builds a good decorum.
Just like this, there are many other steps of personal hygiene that need to be followed at different places. When working in a food processing unit, schools, hospitals, restaurants, corporate offices, the staff need to follow some more personal hygiene steps.
Every organization requires a specific set of personal hygiene and expect that their employees should follow it. However, in many cases, it has come to notice that the management team fail to educate employees working at the front-end the necessity of personal hygiene. This causes different infections. The reasons for the same could be many, such as lack of motivation, half-knowledge of personal hygiene steps, improper training, etc.
We are one of the leading firms who work dedicatedly to ascertain best sanitization, disinfection and personal hygiene is followed at commercial establishments. We provide training to staff about personal hygiene based on the organization’s requirement. Our personal hygiene training is practical and result oriented. Many of our clients have significantly reduced infection level in their establishment after educating their employees with our personal hygiene training program.

What role we play in personal hygiene?

  • We set up a protocol for organizations based on their working environment.
  • Our specialist conduct regular check-up camps for work force and give advice and consultation accordingly.
  • We provide related equipment and material to help in maintaining personal hygiene art work place.
  • We conduct audit and provide training to the related work force and management.
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