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Pest control

Pests are a common problem in residential and commercial spaces. Their presence causes an array of harms from giving bad health, foul smell to spreading infectious diseases, damaging expensive fittings, etc. Therefore, timely treatment of it is pivotal. And it is best done by pest control service providers because they hold expertise and experience in the job.
The traditional methods we follow to control pests are effective but not a permanent solution as they still find a way to get inside and start multiplying. Also, the common pest control methods might work to some extent in residential spaces but seems ineffective in commercial spaces and big size houses.

Why Call Us For Help?

We have a well experienced team and we do understand the efficacy and importance of an effective pest control. Pest control is not just an activity of spraying chemical it is a specialized job which includes the right diagnosis and wisely choosing the method, chemical and right machinery.
We offer service for varied spaces such as schools, hospitals, hotels, housing complexes, factories, industrial complexes, educational institutions, nursing homes, factories, societies, restaurants, bakeries, RWA’s, clinics, warehouses, corporate offices and any type of commercial spaces.
We follow the most advanced approach to treat the pest problem and give a permanent solution. Instead of spurring up recommending treatment, we first audit the space to find the root cause of the problem and then suggest various solutions according to the need and budget.
When it comes to treating different pests, we use specific disinfectants. E.g for termite problem, we use insecticides like Bifen, Martin’s IGR concentrate, permethrin SFR, for ants treatment, we use Talstar pro insecticides, TERRO ant killer aerosol spray. Similarly, for other pests we have other specific insecticides. Unlike the other service providers, we do not use agriculture grade pesticides to treat pests, which is neither effective nor safe on human. We use only international grade insecticides and disinfectants which are effective and stays for long.
We provide the following services in our pest control program Termite control, ant control, mosquito control, bedbug control, cockroach control, rodent control, silverfish control, tricks.
The pests are a common issue and despite following the best hygiene practices they still find ways to our spaces. So, the only way to get permanent relief from them is getting the pest control service from experienced and trained professionals, and have it regularly. We provide pests control and maintenance service so that these menaces stay outside forever.
  • We provide the most advanced service
  • We use FDA approved insecticides, pesticides and disinfectants for the treatment
  • We pick the safe and quick method for pest removal
  • We have incorporated technology with our pests treatment method to make it more penetrating and targeted.
  • Our staff is well-trained in the process. They know everything about the chemicals they are handling.
  • Our staff uses all standard safety measures while cleaning your house to ensure their as well as your safety.
  • We use odourless, biodegradable chemicals that are harsh on pests but safe on human and other materials present in an establishment.
  • We use corrosion-free insecticides.

How To Choose A Good Pest Control Service Provider

Choosing a good pest control service provider is a daunting task but no matter what, you shouldn’t rush when hiring a service provider. Even the problem is big and you need urgent service, take time to find a reputed, experienced and knowledgeable company. Following points you should check in a pest control company before calling them.
  • The company should have all licenses to carry out their work
  • They should provide integrated pest management service.
  • The experience of company.
  • The company should have a good reputation in society
  • The company should follow all safety norms set by the regulatory bodies.
  • The company should have good customer service to address your concern.
  • It should provide service at a cost-effective price.
We are known as one of the best pest control service providers in Delhi, NCR because we have all the above-mentioned qualities. We follow the best practices in the industry and give no entry point to pests with our effective treatment system.
To know more how we work, our team competence, our area of expertise and avail our service call us anytime.

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