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80,000.00 60,000.00

Contains Hydrogen Peroxide 6% Colloidal Silver30 PPM(parts per million) Available in 1 liter & 20 liters pack

210,000.00 200,000.00

Nocospray is proprietary & patent products of Oxy pharm, France. Sprays dry fog so no moisture, no rusting, no corrosion…

4,000.00 3,000.00

Oxydor is a deodorant product, effective on odor from organic or bacterial sources (urine, tobacco, bins, animals, industry…)

4,000.00 3,000.00

Moxy contains PYRITHRIN, PERMETHRIN & is used to eradicate the mosquitoes & their eggs due to the speed of 300 km per hour…


Sanitization, infection control, fumigation, pest control, in all cleaning process, the use of chemicals and tools are prevalent. During the process, chemicals are spread in air or surface to remove contamination and make the surface free from any microorganisms. When chemicals have such a significant role in the sanitization process, then it is very important to use an efficient chemical.
To attain hundred per cent efficiency of disinfectants, it is pivotal to use the right chemical and tools at the right place and in required concentration level and for a specified time. Inappropriate use of the same could adversely affect the sanitization process, and instead of benefiting, the process ends up doing more harm. This damage could be anything between the short-lived effect of sanitization, partial cleaning of pests to causing various health issues such as asthma, birth defect, allergies in people, etc.
Therefore, when it comes to selecting a sanitization service provider, don’t compromise with quality for saving a few bucks.
We as one of the responsible sanitization professionals in Delhi, NCR and other parts of the country provide the finest quality service. We ensure the following things in our service.

We Use Targeted Chemicals

We have microbiologist and entomologist who understands microorganisms , insects and pests. We take their guidance to find the exact disinfectant that give hundred per cent results in a targeted pest control program. E.g. a disinfectant for mosquitoes is not hundred per cent effective on cockroaches. Cockroach control requires a different chemical. We use targeted chemicals for different disinfection need at varied establishments. Because while using disinfectant we also consider the ecosystem of the place where we are using it. A residential disinfectant for mosquitoes is not the solution for mosquitoes at a food processing unit, it requires another course of action.

We Use Safe Products

It is important to use FDA approved chemicals for disinfection as this has been tested on the human for not causing any health hazard. We use only safe products that are not harsh on human, biodegradable, eco-friendly and odourless. We also pick child-friendly disinfectants while sanitizing residential spaces.

We use Non-Corrosive Products

Chemicals have a property that it reacts with the metal and cause corrosion. While sanitizing commercial spaces that have different types of installations, we use disinfectants that are safe on metals and doesn’t cause any damage.

Products That Leaves No After Smell

Many disinfectants are so pungent in the smell that you can’t enter in the treated area even after hours of treatment, which makes the sanitization process daunting. But we use disinfectants that are odourless. You won’t feel its presence even right after the treatment. Additionally, we use safe chemicals that don’t cause skin irritation or any kind of allergies.

Quick Results

Sanitization process takes long hours, which make it painstaking. But we use chemicals that quickly dissolve in the air to kill microorganisms and pests. Therefore, our sanitization process ends in a short time but its effectiveness stays for long. Many in the industry use chemicals that show quick results but it doesn’t kill pests and microorganism hundred per cent, therefore, microorganisms and pests return a few days after the treatment and make the whole process worthless.

Follow Good Hygiene Protocols

It is important to follow hygiene protocol while dealing with disinfectants, and we do the same. This ensures a safe and effective sanitization process.

Tips For Choosing A Good Sanitization Service Provider

  • Avert those service providers who do not use FDA approved products or use DIY products for the treatment.
  • Properly follow the guidelines and protocols of sanitization.
  • Use good quality chemicals, disinfectants and sanitization material.
  • Never choose a service provider in a hurry even if it is an emergency.

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