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Every food processing unit should maintain a high level of hygiene so that the nasty pests and microorganism cannot enter in the property, either it is large establishments like hotel, restaurants, bakeries or small ones like eating joint, community kitchen, canteen or any other places where people handle the food. A high standard of cleanliness should be ascertained at the place to keep infection at a distance.
And when it comes to cleaning these properties, every nook and corner should be kept clean because, in these facilities, microorganisms have many ways to enter. It can enter in the vicinity either via people, air, water or germinate from rotten food. And, you would be surprised to know that these are not a few in numbers. There are numerous microorganisms, moulds, fungi, bacterias and fungus that could grow in food processing and handling units.
The possible risk in restaurants, hotel, bakeries includes:
  • The problem of pest is common in food processing and handling units. These pests themselves are dangerous and become even more hazardous when became the carrier of harmful bacterias and viruses.
  • Other pests such as termites can damage the wooden objects of the hotel, restaurant or similar places leading to property damage.
  • The fly pests, which are commonly found at such places can pollute the food and make it toxic for human beings.
The pesky critters leave their urine and droppings behind when they move around. Rodents are expert in destroying restaurant property by their unpleasant chewing habit. They also damage wires, papers, cardboard items, plastic objects which create loopholes in the safety plan of that establishment.
When unwanted bed bugs and termites sneak from the bed. It is very important to set specific protocols to keep the surrounding hygienic.

We Provide The Solution

Despite the restaurants, hotels, the bakery is highly vulnerable to the attack of pathogens, microorganisms and pests, it is possible to keep them far away from boundaries. There are two ways to do that. First, opt the defensive measure, that is.
  • Train the housekeeping staff with proper instructions
  • Educate the front desk staff on how to entertain the visitors
  • The hotelier can try the pitfall traps for early detection of insects
  • Mattress and bed sheet should be changed daily
  • The floor should be sanitized daily using disinfectants
The second method is to take preventive measure and kill the germs and avert its growth 100 per cent. Following the highest level of the sanitizing process is the best ways to avert it. If you are looking for infection control service in your establishment, then to inform you, we are one of the best sanitization service providers in Delhi/NCR for hotels, restaurants and bakery setups.
We have all types of treatment to keep these menaces at bay. We have fumigation technique to kill microorganisms at hard-to-reach places, pest control method to remove pests like termites, cockroaches, rodents, etc. we have personal hygiene training programs to educate staff and people about its importance and how to maintain it and many more.

How We Help You

Here we make ourself clear that we are way more advanced than the regular infection control service providers because we follow science-based techniques, and keep a focused approach to treat any source of infection.
  • We practice targeted approach while treating the place. In this method, we first gauge the potential risk of infection in the establishment, prepare a plan of action. Then, with the help of entomologist present in our team, we select chemical to sanitize the establishment’s ecosystem. So, we start with risk assessment and end at complete removal of risks.
  • We use only FDA approved disinfectants, sanitizers, fumigants.
  • We provide a tailored solution for all disinfection requirements.
Disinfectants, the chemicals used in the infection control treatment process play a major role. Wrong selection of disinfectant can make the entire process futile. We understand this well, and therefore, use only specific chemicals.
Nevertheless, our team never rushes for anything. Our audit team first analyzes the risk by doing the risk assessment, then suggest the plan of action, and after getting approvals from the management team, we start our action. Beside that, we also keep flexibility and transparency to give 100 per cent satisfaction to our clients.
If you are worried about sanitization of your premises, don’t be. We are here to help you with our most advanced sanitization, infection control, pest control, fumigations and personal hygiene service. Call us to know more.

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