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Contains Hydrogen Peroxide 6% Colloidal Silver30 PPM(parts per million) Available in 1 liter & 20 liters pack

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Nocospray is proprietary & patent products of Oxy pharm, France. Sprays dry fog so no moisture, no rusting, no corrosion…

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Oxydor is a deodorant product, effective on odor from organic or bacterial sources (urine, tobacco, bins, animals, industry…)

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Moxy contains PYRITHRIN, PERMETHRIN & is used to eradicate the mosquitoes & their eggs due to the speed of 300 km per hour…


Lack of sanitization at commercial or residential places add lots of money to organizations. Sometimes this loss shows up directly (cost involved in infection treatment, waste disposal, etc), sometimes indirectly in the form of business loss, lack of customer satisfaction, employee attrition rate. Hence, why there is a need for sanitization in an establishment is important to know for every industry.
Sanitization means reducing the presence of microorganisms on any surface to the safe level. It is different from cleaning, which is mere removing dirt from a surface to make it clean. Sanitization is the next step after cleaning a surface.

Why It Is Important To Sanitize A Surface?

In the present time, we are exposed to several bacterias, viruses, pathogens and other microorganisms. These microorganisms sometimes grow by itself when they get a favourable atmosphere and sometimes carried inside through some carrier and start multiplying. Regardless of how microorganisms make their way on a surface, it is crucial to kill them before they start infecting things and people. Sanitization is one of the best ways to kill them. Sanitization ensures thorough cleaning of the surface and reduces any risk of infection. A sanitization plan comprises of two steps.
  • Selection and listing of sanitizing agent that is going to be used in the establishment along with instructions related to its safe use and storage.
  • A schedule for cleaning that gives clear guidelines about what things require to be cleaned, who will clean and frequency of cleaning.
It is not that only commercial place like school, colleges, hotels, food processing units, hospitals, clinics, shops, malls, etc, requires sanitization. The residential space also requires to get sanitized regularly, so that microorganisms do not grow inside and make people sick. This is the reason people sanitize their house with sanitizers regularly. However, when it comes to sanitizing large houses, professional’s assistance becomes mandatory.
We provide sanitization service for all types of spaces from commercial to residential and from big to small. So, if you are looking for sanitization service, then end your search here. We follow the best practice in the industry to sanitize different establishments. The attributes and benefits of our sanitization service that make us one of the best in the industry includes.
  • We use eco-friendly sanitizers to sanitize spaces.
  • We select sanitizers based on place we are going to treat.
  • We follow all standard guidelines for sanitization of different spaces.
  • Our sanitization treatment ensures 99.99 per cent removal of microorganisms from any surface.
  • Our team is well trained in handling chemicals and its effective use.
  • We have trained our team in the effective use of sanitizers to get the desired result.
  • We have educated our team about personal hygiene and they follow this education in the field. They sanitize themselves before and after completing any project.
  • We have a large team, so we are capable of sanitizing any size of space.
  • No post-cleaning required after sanitization.
  • Our advance sanitization technique is capable of sanitizing even the hard-to-reach corners.
The infectious diseases spread by touching an infected/contaminated surface. One infected person can infect many others and also can contaminate common area surfaces in no time. The traditional cleaning process can’t kill harmful viruses and bacterias from common surfaces. Through the sanitation process, it is possible to remove microorganisms from the surface completely making it safe for people.
Our sanitization facilities intend to work in the same manner, making a clean and germ-free environment everywhere.
To know more about our sanitization service or to avail it call us anytime. Together we can fight from any infection.

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