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For minimizing the risk of infection and to ensure good health

For minimizing the risk of infection and to ensure good health, there are some basic hygiene tips that everyone should follow. And, in the present time, it is imperative to follow them.

  • Wash your hand thoroughly for 20 seconds multiple times in a day
  • Keep the sanitizer bottle handy with you when going outside
  • Change your clothes right after entering into the house
  • Take a shower as soon as you get inside the house
  • Do not go outside bare face. Cover it with a homemade or ready-made mask
  • Trim and clean your nails as often as possible
  • Don’t go outside wearing jewelry
  • Take a bath every day or twice in a day depending on the type of climate you are living in. Bathing not only refreshes your mind but also remove dead skin, which, if cake up could lead to many diseases.
  • It is important to trim finger and toenails at a regular interval of time. The free edge of nails makes an easy hide place for germs, which get into the body and cause different infections.
  • Brushing and flossing teeth is important after every meal. However, if it is hard to practice, brush your teeth at least twice in a day and floss your mouth once. This prevents the accumulation of bacterias in mouth, keeping the gums and teeth healthy. Also, it removes the problem of bad breath.
  • Don’t forget to scrape your tongue after brushing your teeth to clean all gunks.
  • Washing hands is important before touching food, either preparing or eating the food. It is also important to thoroughly clean hands after coughing, sneezing, touching any waste like garbage.
  • Wear clean cloth every day. Even if you didn’t go outside the last day, don’t repeat the same cloth after the bath the next day. The nasty bacterias present in the cloth will not only make you uncomfortable but others as well.
  • Do not forget to clean your nostrils after every shower. Water moistens the boogers which are hard to clean in the dry state.
  • Clean the outer region of your ear while taking bath and do it every day to prevent the accumulation of waste.
  • Keep your armpits clean. And if you have a smelly one, mere cleaning it with water will not work. Go one step forward, and try hydrogen peroxide to clean it. Take ½ teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and keep it on each side for ten minutes. After that, shower like normal.
  • Never wear wet clothes after the bath, moisture in cloth can create a rash on the skin and could also lead to rashes. You might also encounter some embarrassing situation.
  • Many people have the habit of not washing hand with soap after using the toilet, which is a bad habit. Toilet surfaces are home to numerous harmful microorganism. Not washing hands means allowing bacterias and virus entering into the body.
  • Change your cloth after returning home. It will keep the infectious microorganisms far away.
  • Unclean belly button could get stinky. Many people have the habit of not cleaning the belly button while bathing. Do no do so, clean it properly every day and do not forget to dry it before wearing cloth.
  • Never share your makeup brush, shaving kit, towel, brush with anyone, not even with your partner.
  • Never keep your wet towel with dry clothes. Keep it inside only when you sun-dry it for hours. This will remove microorganism from it.
  • Wash your hair at least twice in a week. This will prevent fungal infection, itching and bad smell.
  • While taking bath many of us forget to clean some hidden areas of our body, like behind the ear, groin. These are the places where waste accumulates. Not cleaning it properly will lead to deposition of waste which will create an uncomfortable situation later on.
  • Use mild perfume or deodorant to smell good. Too much of smell makes others uncomfortable and sometimes rashes on the skin.
  • Carry hand sanitizer with you when you are going out. Clean your hands with sanitizer if the water is not available at the place. Sanitizer kills bacterias and viruses in hand and makes it clean.
  • Never share your used spoon, glass or other utensils and never use a used utensil. This will avert the spread of infection.
  • Change your bedding and pillowcase regularly. It is good for the skin.
  • Remove your makeup before sleeping or clean your entire face thoroughly before going into the bed.
  • Clean your genitals regularly. This is one of the most sensitive areas of our body. Take the help of experts for that.

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